Birthday week…

This past week has been extremely long and I’m beginning to just accept the fact that when in New York no matter how uneventful your week appears, it’s still extremely jam packed. As the weeks go by the days here are feeling less and less like holidays and more and more like home… which makes the thought of only having 4 weeks left here so bittersweet.

On Saturday the 8th I had class to make up for the 4th of July, and I decided to spend the rest of my day out in Greenwich village afterwards. There was a “block party” going on on one of the side streets so I walked down and was able to find a bunch of cute little stores, and even got to see a jazz band playing that had attracted a dancing couple. Then I got completely turned around in the area I was in so I spent about an hour just “roaming the streets” of greenwich until I found myself back at Joe’s Pizza and had a slice. At this time Katie had finished her classes that day and I grabbed the subway back to res.

Sunday the 9th was the first time I finally made myself go out and GROCERY SHOP! Go me…  and then I spent the rest of the day doing some meal prep for the rest of the week. We also went to the drama bookshop that day, which is this amazinggggggggg store filled with basically any play you could ever want.

Tuesday the water in our building was unexpectedly turned off and it was a fun day in the apartment with no water for over 7 hrs… things got a little scary.

Wednesday and Thursday of this week were basically a blur of me trying to not spend so much money so I stayed in most of the time, went out and about on walks and such- but mostly stayed in and worked on memorizing my scene for class.

Thursday I got my isa order that came in and all was well in the world again…

Friday after class Katie and I impulsively went and saw the despicable me 3 movie in theatres and then we went shopping… I found the WEIRDEST store I could find and then I spent over 40 minutes in said store trying to find the most useless thing… then I bought it for Amir’s New York package.

Saturday was my birthday! The lovely 19 which would usually be an exciting night spent in Canada out with my friends at a bar or something but NOPE. AMERICA. But a birthday in New York nevertheless is nothing to complain about. I had 2 classes that day again to make up for the 4th of July and then Katie and I went out to Juniors for dinner. Then we saw CATS the musical. Afterwards we got dessert and walked home… all in all it was a fun day. And to end the week, Sunday again was spent grocery shopping and meal prepping for this upcoming week, as well as doing laundry and finishing up my homework. I bought a few more plays this week too.

We are down to the final 2 weeks of my 5 week program so we are seriously beginning to get in the grind, and then the last 2 weeks will be a audition technique intensive.



Day 9…Vegan icecream

I’ve been starring at a container of vegan icecream contemplatingly for the past 10 minutes. I’m not sure whether i just discovered some really amazing icecream alternative, or if everything it advertises is a big lie….

Not sure if i like it but deffinitely not going to stop eating it is how i feel about vegan icecream…

Today has been quite the day… and i know this post is late but hey!!!! Better late than never am i right!!! 

Today went bad. And by bad i mean it started vegan and ended with me eating cheese bread and wings… what can i say toronto triggers the eater in me🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ 

Tomorrow WILL be better👍🏻

The rest of the day however was very good😌😌 i’ve been taking an acting class in toronto every tuesday night, and although im not fond of the city i am IN LOVE with the class. I only have one week left and then i leave for new york not long after but i am so excited to expand my work and training into the GTA and a bigger area next year and see what i can do!! 

Absolutely love this life 😌 

And with that… at 11:52, it’s time for bed😴

Cya tmrw😉😉

Day 7… one week down

Hi everyone! 

I know it’s late but i’ve been consumed by monologue work and actual work all day! 

Yesterday and today were my days off from the gym and it has felt so strange not being there. 5/7 days is deff enough though and those forced rest days are greatly needed. Back at the grind tomorrow🙌🏻

also, in the spirit of my 30 day clean plan, tomorrow i start something a lil fun! I’m going to be trying ONE WEEK of a vegan diet! I figure if i’m doing this clean month, i may as well try some fun stuff! 

So tomorrow that starts and i’ll vlog the entire week!