Days go by… not slowly

Each day is beginning to turn into one big blur and the weeks are FINALLY starting to go by quicker… not that I want my time to fly by, but being away from home can feel like FOREVER some times.

I really should start blogging more often, but right now I’m so busy I don’t have time… which just means longer and more action packed posts.

So on Canada day we headed down to Greenwich Village and went to the buzzfeed obsessed COOKIE DOUGH PLACE! Now if you’re unsure of what this is… it’s called Do, and it is sooooo awesome. They have dozens of flavours of edible cookie dough and they serve it up LIKE ICE CREAM. And it was seriously worth the walk. On the way down there we also passed The New School, and NYU,  which was super rad to see the buildings. Right by DO is NYU, so the entire area is college crazed. It also happens to be right outside of Washington square park… which has quickly become by favourite park so far. This was the day I learned that squirrels in New York have NO BOUNDARIES or sense of personal space. Later on that day… cause I was feeling particularly bored in our lil flat- I headed up to Central Park ( Parks are basically the only free thing in New York so I’ve been spending a lot of time at them…) Once I got to the park my phone died, and it started pouring rain- So I ran to the subway and took it by myself for the first time and surprisingly enough DIDNT GET LOST. Marking about 18k steps that day and thinking that that was going to be the peak of my week…. but it was just the start.

Sunday morning I headed back down to Washington square park in the morning out of boredom and spent the majority of the morning laying on a park bench watching Netflix. Then one of my rm mates came down and met me and we decided to go on an adventure! So off we went to find… the New York famous ARTICHOKE PIZZA. Which was, by the way, about an hour walk away. On our way there we discovered the Joes Pizza from the original Spiderman movies and stopped in there for a slice, and then continued our hike for more pizza. Once we got to the pizza place well over an hour later, THEY WERE ALL OUT OF THE ARTICHOKE PIZZA, which I’m definitely still upset about and am determined to get artichoke pizza while I’m here. ~sigh~

Afterwards we decided since we were already on the east side that we’d go see the Freedom Tower and the world trade centre memorials. So we hopped on the subway- only for it to let us off a stop before we should have, have our gps make us walk 20 minutes in the opposite direction, and we finally gave up and called a cab.

Later on we learned that we the subway didn’t take us to our proper station because it was CLOSED/EVACUATED because of a unattended package which caused a big commotion for the morning at the oculus.

AFTER going to the top of the Freedom Tower, we hopped on the subway back up to broadway to go to Ellen’s Stardust diner, where we got milkshakes, burgers with Mac and cheese ON THEM and soooooo many fries. Then we walked back home afterwards in hopes to get in those last few steps of the day and ~digest~ some.

Monday started classes again where we began ANIMAL WORK… I’ll leave it at that.

Monday night we headed out to Macy’s to find some bathing suits and last minute things for our 4th of July outing to Coney Island!

The 4th of July was a very long day and it all started with an hour subway ride right up to the heart of the bronx to head to the bronx zoo to observe an animal as our homework for class, then an hour ride back. Then about 20 of us all gathered together to head to Coney Island… another hour long subway ride. Fortunately the homeless and crazy of New York City all stuffed themselves onto our train and our ride was filled with a guy BLASTING Michael Jackson and dancing (and of course as actors and loving to be the centre of attention we all joined in on the dancing and singing.. it was something out of a movie I tell ya)

Once we got to Coney Island we all split up and went to go on rides and such, and after one ride our group of 20 became a group of 2… and everyone else headed back to the city.

BUT NOT US, Katie and I were the only 2 to stay and I’m so glad we did! We had an all day pass for the rides so the entire day was spent getting our moneys worth! We went on about 7 or 8 rides all day, but they were insane! American roller coasters are soooo much more intense than anything in wonderland! AFTER we were done all the rides we decided to get food (this is like 8:30pm now…) and I found this place that sold pina coladas with freeeeeeeee refills IN A PINEAPPLE CUP! Then we watched the fireworks for like 10 minutes then had to catch the last subway back to Manhattan! Of course it was packed and we spent yet ANOTHER one hour ride on the subway standing the entire way. Spending well over 4 hours on the subway that day.

The rest of this week has been pretty calm compared to the beginning of it all. Wednesday Katie and I headed down to union square and went to Barnes and noble, I got some books for school and read some plays that night. A lot of drama stirred up in the residents these day so it was filled with gossip and staying in. Thursday after class I spent like 3 hours on the phone, then decided to head out to… THE PARK (cause its free right) I walked down to union square park and found a cute little coffee shop that costs an arm and a leg for a almond milk latte but none the less it was amazing and totally worth it. Then I sat in the park for hourssssss drinking my coffee and reading some Shakespeare. I talked to a cute old couple sitting beside me who comes to the park as often as they can to “spend time together and people watch”. They also witnessed me make friends with a squirrel.  I finished the day with seeing Spiderman in theatres and eating a bucket of popcorn the size of my head!

Today has been calm, we had a makeup class today from the 4th of July, and I’ll probably go out to the park soon or on a walk.

Maybe next week I’ll find a new part of the city to explore.