New york New york baby!!


And by good morning I mean “Holy shit it’s 4am!!”

What a nice nap i had last night (one can only classify three hours of sleep “a nap”, and today is FINALLY the day! The day we head back to my home sweet home the big apple🍎

I’ll keep this post short and simple! I’m going to do my best to keep update HERE, but alllll my photos will likely be on snapchat : s_ydneyschott or instagram: sydneyschott 

So please add me up! Come on this fun 2 month long journey with me! 

Honestly i have no idea what to expect to come from these 2 months… and it’s 4am and im to tired to write much else…. so let the fun begin! 

Add me up so you can see all my fun😉😌 


Losing track of time…

Well blogging is hard…. i think everyone has figured that out 😅 

I feel like now adays im so busy i dont have the time to sit down and write out a full length blog post… i have soooo many drafts written out now and none of them are finished but IM TRYING! 

I leave for new york for 2 months in 5 DAYS! 5 days, holy moly where did the time go?! I’m spending this week doing last minute prep for my courses and starting to pack and grab last minute items I need to bring with me🙈 

I’m also doing things like re newing my health card, unlocking my phone so i can get a plan in new york, and grabbing all my last minute things🙌🏻 

It’s amazing how time flies so quickly, and i’m so excited to be in my favourite city for 2 months but i still can’t believe its happening😱😱 

Additionally…. I ate super poorly this weekend and im cleansing today to get all that junk outta my system🙃 the rest of last week was great though! I made dinner every night and stuck to my “meal plan” kinda….

Im not really being extremely strict right now, but i do plan on continuing to lose weight and inches while i’m in new york- i’m not here for the “gaining weight on vacation” life. 

Well… i’ll try my best to stay updated throughout my trip! 

Day…13… oops?

Ok in my defence… keeping a blog every day for a month consistently is really hard and i cleansed yesterday and worked and by the time i got home i was basically knocked out😴😴 
Yesterday was day 1 of a 2 day nutritional, cellular cleanse🙌🏻 I havent done one in over a month and yesterday was hard but today is going really well!! Feeling good and still alive so all in all i’d call it a win??? 

The weekends are seriously uneventful because of work… but this morning my mom and I went to the dog breeders and saw some puppies, and since its her bday today my aunt also came up for lunch! So kinda did a lil bit today…

Now… off to work! 

Day 11…. almost halfway???

Happy thursday!!!

Only if you know me thursdays arent happy because they almost always mean the start to my lovely “work weekend” at the j-o-b. Ick😒 

Working in restaurants definitely have their perks but working all weekend EVERY weekend is not one of them🤷🏼‍♀️ 

I’m currently sitting in my car outside of my work before my shift wasting time and snacking on…. SUNFLOWER SEEDS‼️‼️ honestly i think im starting to get the hang of this stuff? 

Vegan is freakin hard when all you do is go out for dinner all the damn time because basically no restaurants have vegan options- which is ridiculous considering how many vegans there are now adays??? Like please get with the program!!! 

Besides a few slip ups (obvi this week hasn’t been perfect…. cheese is almost impossible to avoid🤷🏼‍♀️🙈) i’ve been doing ok with this whole “vegan” thing… and im thinking of keeping it going. There are a few things i’ve noticed this week about it that i really enjoy! 

1. Less bloating!

2. More energy! (Believe it or not i’ve had a ton of energy and i think its probably because im not having all that bread…)

3. Also, not having a constant stomache ache is pretty nice🙌🏻 

Besides that, i’m also learning to find different snacks! I’ve had a ton of nuts, beans, coconut and even seaweed????( not my favourite but i’ll work my way to it😉) 

So i mean all in all this experiment really hasn’t been bad at all!!! 

Here’s hoping i can make it through this weekend at work- since theres not a single thing vegan at work, i will be forced to pack food and will likely be living off of my superfood nutrition system these next few days- but hey, at least i’ll still be getting everything i need to function🤷🏼‍♀️😌😍 

Day 10… 

Today i spent the entire day fighting cravings for peanut butter cups and driving through kw traffic…. it was a tiring day.

That is all‼️ at least i tried🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Day 9…Vegan icecream

I’ve been starring at a container of vegan icecream contemplatingly for the past 10 minutes. I’m not sure whether i just discovered some really amazing icecream alternative, or if everything it advertises is a big lie….

Not sure if i like it but deffinitely not going to stop eating it is how i feel about vegan icecream…

Today has been quite the day… and i know this post is late but hey!!!! Better late than never am i right!!! 

Today went bad. And by bad i mean it started vegan and ended with me eating cheese bread and wings… what can i say toronto triggers the eater in me🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ 

Tomorrow WILL be better👍🏻

The rest of the day however was very good😌😌 i’ve been taking an acting class in toronto every tuesday night, and although im not fond of the city i am IN LOVE with the class. I only have one week left and then i leave for new york not long after but i am so excited to expand my work and training into the GTA and a bigger area next year and see what i can do!! 

Absolutely love this life 😌 

And with that… at 11:52, it’s time for bed😴

Cya tmrw😉😉

Day 8… week 2

Today starts week two!!! Getting down to business this week by trying ONE WEEK of a vegan diet… and to be honest its day one and i am cranky. 

For starters, i’m already realizing that with cutting out basically everything (meat, dairy, sugar, pasta, seafood etc.) SUCKS. It means eating a TON of veggies and eating all the time because veggies diegest quickly!!!!

I am not used to that at all so day one is not going great🙃 

However, my shakes are keeping me going today and my mom and i went to rawlicious for lunch, and my lovely s/o tagged along to help me shop and cook for dinner. We made vegan mac and cheese… sauce… good! Zucchini noodles… not to much😒 

However i bought a ton of healthy snacks for the rest of the week and hopefully i continue to find fun recipes to cook! 

The best part of the day was buying vegan icecream…. so thats my new addicition.