the final countdown

We are officially down to 3 weeks left in this amazing city and I’m already counting the days till I can move here. These last few weeks are going by insanely quick and the days are getting shorter. It’s been some pretty shitty whether here since Saturday and the rain has put a hold on anything fun.

This past week was a week of repetition, hanging out in the places we’ve already found that we like, going back to get snacks at the cookie dough store, I went on a walk a few times around the city to find new adventures- one day was spent with my 2 scene partners in a cute little coffee bar down in Union square rehearsing our scene in the public space which was VERY interesting… and that place had arguably the best latte I’ve ever had in my life.

Saw another movie this week because why not… with the crappy whether we’ve stayed close to the are because of all the rain. Theres still a bunch of stuff I wanna do and the weeks are going to jam pack soon so I can cross them all off my list. This weekend I walked 20 blocks, stood in the rain for an hour, paid waaaaay too much money for waitress  tickets, and then walked another 20 blocks in the rain- but it was an amazing show and a Sunday well spent!

Honestly it wasn’t a crazy week here, and I’m beginning to even bore myself with these blogs… maybe next week I’ll do something exciting to amp it up a bit 😉



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