Happy Canada Day!

I send a happy Canada day to all back home from the good ol’ USA, where unfortunately no one even knows Canada day exists… oh well.

This year Canada day will be spent in my cute little flat with a bunch of people who really have no clue that today is a day of partying and celebration!! However, it will be made up with a celebration on July 4th here in New York! We’re planning for all the roomies to head up to Cony Island!

This week has been crazy! It’s gone by sooooo slowly but so fast at the same time and one week down and EVERYDAY is beginning to blur together. I can no longer remember if I went here Monday or Tuesday or yesterday and with the days being SO jammed pack with action, it’s confusing as hell.

This week was our first week of classes and they slowlyyyyyyy got better throughout the week. My schedule is fairly basic and I’m done most days at 1pm- so I’m left with tons of time to do stuff around the city. Tuesday morning I woke up and got some cardio in and did the stairs for an hour in the morning before class, and that night me and a few of my room mates went out for a) pizza and b) school supplies, and had some fun roaming around the city and shopping a bit.

Then Wednesday morning… since I apparently can’t sleep in past 7am and neither can my room mate… We got up and went on a walk through Madison square park and union square before class- finding a dog park, a shake shack, and an adorable market place in union square on the mornings (AND A HUGE BARNES AND NOBLE WITH 4 CASES OF SHAKESPEARE AHHHHHHH)  Then Wednesday after class I had some free time so I headed out to Korea town right around the corner and picked up some fun snacks from the Korean super market.

Thursday I had a break in between classes and headed back down to union square by myself to check out the barnes and noble, and then I had Shakespeare in the afternoon. For dinner that night I decided to check out a Shawarma cart down a block from my place and DIED because it was soooooo good.

Yesterday was the craziest of the days this week, starting with a FOUR HOUR LONG improv class, which was soooo amazing and is 100% going to be my favourite class. I went out and got a new nose ring and found a pretty rad tattoo/piercing studio, then we headed out to WALK to the Brooklyn bridge… which when you look at the map it seems much farther than it was- it ended up being about 5k, so not horrible at all, but THE END OF THE ISLAND.

Seeing the Brooklyn bridge was awesomeee, so amazing to see such a piece of work. And we actually walked on it, I was in aweeee I’m glad I got to go see it. On the way we also got to go through the financial district and see the NY Supreme Court and all the court houses and huge buildings. We also got to go through Little Italy, China Town, the east village and soho. Definitely a good “sight seeing” walk.

However it looked like rain and we headed back via subway which turned a 2hr trip into a 10 minute trip. Today looks like rain is in the forecast as well, and the majority of it will be pretty low key today I think. Maybe I’ll ATTEMPT to go on a run today if it’s not too bad out,  but besides that the exploring is on pause today as I am exhausted,

Happy Canada day my friends, follow my snaps or Insta for more photos of my daysssss

snap: s_ydneyschott

insta: sydneyschott


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