Early mornings!

I got to New York on Saturday and to be honest it already feels like a lifetime away. This city is CRAZY and it’s all just starting! I woke up at 4 am on our travel day and ever since then I’ve been up EVERY morning early.. so today I set my alarm for 6 am so that I could get up and get a little workout in before class… and I woke up ON MY OWN at 5:45 am!

So I hit the stairs… the building I’m in is about 12-14 floors ( im not sure really I don’t pay attention past floor 11… my floor) and I got in a nice little 45 minute workout of doing the stairs mixed with lunges, squats, and variations of the both… and oh boy was I sweaty!

Then since I had gotten up before the rush (11 girls in one apartment, 3 bathrooms) I got to have a nice longggg shower, and Now I’m in the living room having breakfast and enjoying the morning view of New York city.

Today is day 2 of classes and I have voice and speech, acting, and Shakespeare! Then grocery shopping afterwards…

again, follow my snap or Insta for more updates!


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