New york New york baby!!


And by good morning I mean “Holy shit it’s 4am!!”

What a nice nap i had last night (one can only classify three hours of sleep “a nap”, and today is FINALLY the day! The day we head back to my home sweet home the big apple🍎

I’ll keep this post short and simple! I’m going to do my best to keep update HERE, but alllll my photos will likely be on snapchat : s_ydneyschott or instagram: sydneyschott 

So please add me up! Come on this fun 2 month long journey with me! 

Honestly i have no idea what to expect to come from these 2 months… and it’s 4am and im to tired to write much else…. so let the fun begin! 

Add me up so you can see all my fun😉😌 


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