Losing track of time…

Well blogging is hard…. i think everyone has figured that out 😅 

I feel like now adays im so busy i dont have the time to sit down and write out a full length blog post… i have soooo many drafts written out now and none of them are finished but IM TRYING! 

I leave for new york for 2 months in 5 DAYS! 5 days, holy moly where did the time go?! I’m spending this week doing last minute prep for my courses and starting to pack and grab last minute items I need to bring with me🙈 

I’m also doing things like re newing my health card, unlocking my phone so i can get a plan in new york, and grabbing all my last minute things🙌🏻 

It’s amazing how time flies so quickly, and i’m so excited to be in my favourite city for 2 months but i still can’t believe its happening😱😱 

Additionally…. I ate super poorly this weekend and im cleansing today to get all that junk outta my system🙃 the rest of last week was great though! I made dinner every night and stuck to my “meal plan” kinda….

Im not really being extremely strict right now, but i do plan on continuing to lose weight and inches while i’m in new york- i’m not here for the “gaining weight on vacation” life. 

Well… i’ll try my best to stay updated throughout my trip! 


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